Travel on a Budget: 10 Travel Tips

Travelling is easy and fun but when it comes to expenses, it’s not! Ever since I have started travelling frequently, managing my expenses has become very important to me. From booking the flight tickets to travelling light, I try to keep a mental check of the expenses so that I do not end up spending more than what I intend to. Here are a few tips from my personal experiences on saving money for your upcoming trip.

  1. Book your flights in advance:  This HAS to be on top of your list if you plan on flying to your destination. It saves a huge amount and you can spend your money elsewhere. My trips are usually planned well in advance and I end up booking my tickets 2 months prior if I’m taking a flight.  Do not forget to use discount codes. Google the codes for that particular app and you’re good to go.
  2. Book your stay in advance: The rates shoot up if you are planning to visit the place during festive seasons/events and I always prefer booking my stay a month prior during such occasions. Why pay extra when you can book the same room for a lesser price?
  3. Travel off-season: The prices of accommodation is a bit cheaper during low seasons. Do your bit of research on your destination before zeroing on a place.
  4. Stay in hostels/homestays: In my opinion, staying in hostels and homestays saves the maximum as compared to any other expenses. Some hostels also have kitchens where the travellers can cook for themselves.
  5. Eat where the locals eat: Try not to eat at the fancy tourist restaurants as they are likely to charge you more. You can instead explore the local places to eat, good food plus it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
  6. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. You can refill the bottle instead of buying more bottles.
  7. Use public transport: Rent a bike, or simply use the local buses to get around. Share a ride with someone who is visiting the place where you are heading towards.
  8. Collect memories, not things: Try not to spend much on souvenirs. Other than draining you off your money, it will also increase the weight of your baggage. Avoid paying extra checked-in luggage fees.
  9. Bargain Bargain Bargain! I’m not totally sure about this working in other countries but definitely yes in India. Be it with the auto rickshaw driver, grocery store or at a souk, bargain wherever you feel you can.
  10. Do your research before travelling to your destination. Always speak to your hotel/hostel manager for local recommendations like transport, restaurants, where the locals shop and other tips.

While travelling in India, I hugely rely on RedBus to book my bus tickets. With the help of discount codes I always end up saving a few hundreds.

I usually use the app MakeMyTrip to book hotels. I view all the hotels and do not book it in the first go. When you leave the app, they reduce the price and put some cash in your wallet. It’s then that I book my hotel at a much reduced rate.

Got more recommendations for me? Let’s interact in the comments section below!

12 thoughts on “Travel on a Budget: 10 Travel Tips

  1. These are some great idea. I was looking before how I turn my travel on a budget. Gonna added this on my references.


  2. I agree with all of these! One of the things that gets overlooked is carrying your own water bottle. It’s what I do most of the time. Though I’m guilty of spending on souvenirs! Thanks for this helpful post!


  3. Wonderful tips on how to travel on a budget. I have to think about this the next time I travel.


  4. I agree with and follow all of these tips. People normally refrain from eating the local food, but I specifically eat the local food, one is because it gives you a feel of their culture and also as an additional benefit, you get to save a little.


  5. I too am as obsesses with traveling. Can’t tame my wanderlust. Reading this makes me want to just bust out of this quarantine. Thanks for helpful guidance.


  6. Number 9# was definitely a new experience for me. As I was not very comfortable before, but now it’s second nature.


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