3 Days in Chikmagalur- A Complete Guide

Fondly called the land of coffee, Chikmagalur is located in the Malnad region of Karnataka amidst huge coffee plantations. I booked myself in a cute little cottage at Trippr Hostel and it is by far one of the best budget stays I’ve had till date. Convinced with the good location of the property, I hopped onto my friend’s bike and thus began our mini adventure!

Day 1: The day started with a heartful breakfast at Town Canteen located in the city centre. The Dosa (actual word in Kannada: Dose) and filter coffee available here is to die for!

We then headed towards Mullayangiri, the highest peak in Karnataka. After reaching the base of the peak, we had to climb around 300 steps to reach the top. The scenic views from the top, the well-maintained ghat roads, and the pleasant weather made the ride totally worth it.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 14
Stopping for pictures while on the way to Mullayangiri
Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 16.jpg
At the top of Mullayangiri peak

At around 18 kms. from Mullayangiri, we came across Jhari (also called Buttermilk) waterfalls. It took me by surprise that even in the sunny month of April, the falls had pretty good amount of water. The best part about reaching the bottom of the falls is the super uneven muddy path which can only be reached by hiring a Jeep. You will find plenty of them at a fixed price (to and fro) of Rs.700 per vehicle. We then headed back to our hostel and called it a day.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 8.jpg
Jhari/ Buttermilk Waterfalls

Day 2: We had to change our stay arrangements for day 2 as Trippr was completely booked. We happily bounced to the property right next to the hostel- Peak View Homestay. The trip started with no plan in mind, we had all the liberty to explore places in and around the town.

First we headed to Jagara waterfalls which is around 40 kms. away from the main town. The serpentine road goes through the lush green coffee estates and eventually the road goes bad. Finally when we did manage to reach the base of the waterfalls, we were told to hike for a kilometer to reach the main spot. Excited by the sound of it, we did hike up, but we never ended up finding the waterfalls. We lost our way, but had our tiny picnic near one of it’s streams.

Travel tip: Internet is super weak in this region, try to follow a group of people who are heading to the waterfalls.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 6.jpg
On the way to Jagara waterfalls
Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 13.jpg
Coffee Estates in Chikmagalur

Our next stop was The Estate Cafe and I can name at least 10 reasons why it should be on your list too! The place is situated in a peaceful location overlooking the forests and the food is pretty decent. If you do end up going here, I would suggest you to try the Filtered Arabica Coffee.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 10.jpg
Enjoying a cup of coffee after a tiring day

On the way back, we found a narrow route to Bande Kallu Gudda which literally translates to ‘Rock Mountain’. Little did we know that this would be the best highlight of the trip. Hiking for almost half an hour, and climbing the giant rock at the top presented us with a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding!

Travel Tip: The rocks here are very slippery. Make sure to wear shoes with good grip.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 17.jpg
On top of Bande Kallu Gudda

Day 3: My last day here was spent mostly at leisure and visiting the Hirekolale lake. A lot of people had recommended this place which is not bad, maybe the weather I visited in was not right. I would recommend this place only if you have extra time.

Optimized-1970-01-01 05.30.00 15.jpg
Hirekolale Lake

A few local eateries to try in Chikmagalur:

  1. Town Canteen
  2. Hotel Mayura
  3. Vishnu Delicacy
  4. Rider’s Nest

Chikmagalur is said to be beautiful in the monsoon season and I will definitely be heading back again! Have you visited this place as yet? 



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