6 Reasons Why Travelling is Good for You

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet, he said.”

– Rachel Wolchin

Love traveling? Same pinch. But we all travel for different reasons; for the adventure, to meet new people, to explore or to simply give your mind a mental break from the routine back at home.

Take a look at these 6 powerful reasons why travelling is good for you. It’s good to get away sometimes.

1. Travel helps you discover and refine yourself: You must have probably read/heard this a couple of times. If I told this to the younger Meghana, she would dismiss the idea and call it too philosophical. But the truth is, I have learnt to balance various qualities like patience, anger, compassion, forgiveness and most important of all, I’ve learnt (and still learning) empathy. It has been a huge foundation in helping me become a better person, with each passing day. Travel has showed me the gateway to endless possibilities. For example: I never thought that I could write travel articles and have my own small space on the internet. Travel plays an important role in discovering your hidden talents.

Trying my hand at sketching

2. Travel helps you learn more about cultures: Learning about the place’s history, the culture, the languages spoken, the age-old traditions, rituals and food, is definitely my favourite part about travelling.

Travel Tip: ALWAYS communicate with the locals, like the drivers, the guides, the hostel/hotel staff or even the humble waiters in a restaurant. This will not only help you in gaining knowledge of the local lifestyle, but also proves to be extremely helpful in knowing the insights of the places you travel to next. For example, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed after arriving at a temple that only allows visitors following a certain dress code.

Optimized-Pelling Dress-01
Trying the north-east Indian dress in Pelling, Sikkim
Frying some coffee beans in Ubud, Bali

3. It’s fun and adventurous: Wouldn’t you love to experience the adrenaline rush while sliding down a huge snow-clad mountain, swim along with hundreds of colourful fishes deep in the water, or go trekking while its pouring! The ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences that you should really go for…

Moments before taking off from a height of 6000 feet in Dalhousie, India

4. You make long-lasting relationships, build beautiful memories with family, friends and strangers: From my personal experience, I have built great friendships on the road, some of them whom I call my best friends :). My favourite memories of my family always go back to the holidays we’ve taken over the years.

Travel Tip: While planning a trip with family or friends, go to places or include activities that suits their taste and preference even if you do not like it as much. It helps in keeping everyone happy and bound together during the trip. Who knows, you might end up with a new favourite activity or place ;).

5. Travel gives you a different perspective and helps in nurturing mental health: Taking up a vacation atleast once a year is a proven way of healthy living. If you cannot go on long trips, take up short trips and give your mind a break from your daily life.

Optimized-Darjeeling Cable Car-01.jpeg
Travelling to greener places for a fresh mind. Pictured in Darjeeling, India

6. You realize how you should contribute towards the local community and makes you aware of the environment:

The one thing that people must realize while traveling is to learn to travel responsibly. There are many ways to do this:

  • Disposing your garbage in assigned areas only
  • Taking local and public transport
  • Donating books to the library in places which are remote and not easily accessible
  • Volunteering for various causes while travelling.

What’s your number one reason to travel?

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