Paradises in India? Explore the Himalayan villages of Kalga and Tosh

Ever since I’ve gotten back from my trip to the Parvati Valley, it has been somewhat difficult for me to put my experience into words because this is what the Himalayas do to me. For travellers who are interested in going to places which aren’t crowded with a bunch of loud and noisy people, this blog article may help you find your next travel destination.

Kalga and Tosh are two such paradises (literally) which I would 100% recommend you to go to.

How to reach Kalga and Tosh: With Kasol and Manikaran being nearest to these places, you can easily find buses and cabs to Barshaini, after which you will have to hike up for around 20 minutes to reach Kalga village.

Please note: There are very few shops in Kalga, so it’s better to buy your necessities down in Barshaini itself.

Tosh is situated a bit further from Kalga. If you are taking the bus from Kasol/Manikaran, you will have to stop at Barshaini and then take a cab to Tosh village.

Ideally, I would mention all the top places to visit here. But each and every corner of this region made me want to write poetry and sing happy songs, that’s how beautiful this valley is! You can go for a short hike up the hills, or just stay indoors and enjoy the view of the majestic Himalayan mountain range from your room.

Thats literally it! I could probably write paragraphs and paragraphs about the beauty, but this time I will let the pictures speak (though, not fully).

Kalga is filled with apple orchards and the trees go dry in the winter months.
Hiking down to Barshaini from Kalga
The beautiful Parvati dam. You can catch this view in Barshaini.
Tosh Village covered in fresh layers of snow
Unusual traffic jam in Tosh

Now that you have some idea about it, I also want to state the top 3 reasons why Parvati Valley isn’t for you.

1. If you are a luxury traveller, chances are- you will not like the stay arrangements

There are no fancy 5-star hotels in Kalga or Tosh. Your vehicles have to stop at a point after which you will have to hike/walk to your place. However, on the brighter side, there are plenty of hostels, homestays (with wonderful hosts) in these villages where you will get comfortable accommodations at affordable prices.

Recommended stay in Kalga: Karma Guest House

Recommended stay in Tosh: Boom Shiva

2. If you can’t bear the cold in the Indian winter months, don’t even try stepping in this region. The temperatures drop down to less than zero degrees and it gets extremely cold, something that not everyone prefers.

3. If you plan to play your music loud while hiking and disturb the nature around you, you should go back to the city. This valley is best enjoyed when you soak in the pure vibes without all the loud noise.

If you’re planning a trip soon, and need any recommendations or advise, please comment below. I’d be happy to get back to you.

26 thoughts on “Paradises in India? Explore the Himalayan villages of Kalga and Tosh

  1. I visited Kashmir a few years back and the mountain tops covered in snow we saw there is still the best place we have ever seen. so magical.


  2. A snowy paradise in India, I am so there. I would love to visit to just experience snowy landscapes and beauty!


  3. Kalga and Tosh is now under my travel radar thanks to this informative article. Thanks for sharing this.


  4. Great post.
    Adventure means different things for different people.
    Some people would live their country to visit another country that has less nice hotels,less nice views etc.hiking for some people means adventure.i would definitely visit this place.
    Thanks for highlighting what people should expect.


  5. Another reason that I must visit India. My 23-year-old daughter is an adventurer and she has India before me.


  6. This is one of my dreams. To go to Himalaya one day. Thanks for sharing this post. Looking forward to hike there one day.


  7. Lovely post Meghana. It’s sad you have to mention about people playing music when they are surrounded by the beauty of nature. Nature is the best music in the world. But some people just don’t stop to listen.


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