6 Steps To Successfully Plan A Trip

Going on a trip is all fun and exciting but planning the trip could be a little overwhelming. In the recent past, I have struggled with this task. I overspent due to no set budget; I didn’t get reservations in the hotel where I wanted to stay- again because I didn’t plan it through. Well, there are many travelers who can go about without advance bookings which I have always considered as a very brave thing to do( I’m definitely not one of them), but for those of you who prefer to have things planned and enjoy a hassle-free holiday, go ahead and give this article a read.

1. Decide the place of travel

Choose a specific location. Don’t let this be vague. Ask yourself if you want to go to a beach, mountain, historical place, amusement park etc. It’s easier to plan out if you have this point in mind.

2. Duration of the trip

How many days can you take an off from your job, college or your other work schedule? Depending on this, you can plan out the next step of budget estimates.

3. Budget for the entire trip

Ask yourself this one simple question- How much are you willing to spend? Once you know the maximum amount that you can shell out from your pocket, its important to zero out on the kind of stay. Do you want to stay on a budget or are you looking for something more luxurious? Research your costs on flights, accommodation, food, travel, and other activities (for example: deep-sea diving, wildlife tour, cooking class etc.

4. Travel companions

Are you travelling alone, with a friend, family, senior citizens?

If you’re travelling solo, you have your freedom to explore and you aren’t really bound to always sticking to a plan. But this would be a lot different if you are on a family vacation. You might want to consider the fun activities which the kids will enjoy, the availability of certain type of foods for senior citizens, you might also want to even book a few tours in advance.

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5. Book your flights

Ideally, I would want to place this point right on top of the list. I cannot emphasize enough on why you should book your flights in advance. Booking sites always have dynamic pricing which means that the prices rise up when the travel date is nearer. Advance booking will save you a lot of money. I always make sure that my flight tickets are booked a month prior to the journey.

Don’t forget to apply discount coupons. It may not be easily available on the website but there are dozens of other third-party websites which offer codes.

Quick Travel Tip: If you are sure of the date of your return journey, it is advisable to book your return ticket in advance. Most of the times, round-tickets are cheaper than one-way ticket. But make sure you check with the route and airline before making payments.

6. Book your accommodation

If you’re travelling during the peak high-season, book your stay for the entire duration if you don’t want all the hassle of carrying bags and shifting places later on. Read customer reviews before zeroing out on a hotel.

During off-seasons and longer stay days, consider booking your stay for a day or two in advance and then explore neighbouring areas for more options depending on amenities, stay arrangements, since not all places are listed on the internet.

That’s it. Pack your bags and you’re good to go!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out to me in the comment section below.

15 thoughts on “6 Steps To Successfully Plan A Trip

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  2. Amazing article Meghana! Lets pray that this pandemic ends so we can travel again


  3. Amazing article Meghana! nice content and this will be useful for everyone who planning a long trip. Keep writing this kind of article.


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